Fox Nearly Takes Flight As It Mounts Attack On A Canada Goose

Fox attacks Canada goose

Ever see a fox fly?

It always amazes me the lengths these creatures will go to for a meal. Hunger has the power to drive animals to do some wild stuff, and sometimes, even put their own lives on the line in pursuit of a meal.

Hungry animals are more likely to take on larger, and harder prey, especially when easy opportunities are hard to come by. Foxes are no different. They often use their refined hunting skills to hunt smaller game, mice and other rodents mainly, but grouse and rabbits are plentiful as well.

Foxes are skilled hunters that reach about 15 pounds in weight. They can live anywhere, from urban areas to the deep woods, and find food everywhere alone the way. They survive everywhere by being adaptable and opportunistic, eating what they can find, when they find it.

Geese are typically something they do not eat, but if they catch one off guard and are hungry enough, they certainly will give it a try. Canadian geese can reach 20 pounds in weight and can fly, giving them a good advantage over foxes in most situations. And geese are kind of jerks…. would you want to fight one? Nah…

This fox clearly wanted a meal though. He is seen taking off in a full sprint and closing the distance on a Canada goose. The goose turns and starts to take off, but the fox speeds up more and gets a hold on its rear end. The goose gets off the ground, and nearly pulls the fox along for an aerial ride. Lucky for the fox, the goose wasn’t quite strong enough to carry him away. Unlucky for the goose, it became the fox’s next meal.

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