‘Bar Rescue’ Star Jon Taffer Sues Florida Preacher Who’s Allegedly Pretending To Be Him To Hit On Women

Jon Taffer
Bar Rescue via YouTube

If there’s one person I’m probably not going to mess with, it’s Jon Taffer.

I’m a big fan of Bar Rescue, the Paramount show that features bar and nightlife expert Taffer as he goes to failing bars around the country and attempts to turn things around before it’s too late.

I’ve watched so much of the show that I feel like I would probably do a pretty good job rescuing bars myself. Of course I know that’s not true, but hey, I’ve at least learned a thing or two over the years.

And one thing I’ve learned is that Taffer’s not really somebody you wanna mess with.

The show is well-known for Taffer’s explosive confrontations with incompetent owners, lazy employees, and drunken assholes. But now he’s got another fight on his hands, this time with a Florida preacher.

According to TMZ, Taffer has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Vic Caroleo, a Florida pastor who is allegedly pretending to be the Bar Rescue host in order to pick up – and in some cases allegedly sexually assault – women, along with getting free stuff and all the other perks that come along with being one of the biggest names in the bar business.

The lawsuit claims that Caroleo has been trying to pass himself off as Taffer in the Naples, Florida area for the past 3 years – and he’s even commented on Taffer’s Facebook posts pointing out the resemblance.

Apparently Taffer found out about the ruse when a woman the preacher went on a date with tried to use a card with Taffer’s name on it – so she contacted Taffer’s office.

And apparently another woman claimed she had been sexually assaulted by Taffer. But the reality star was actually in another state filming at the time, and it turns out she too was a victim of the lookalike.

Now, I’ll admit, I guess they do look somewhat similar.

Here’s a video that Caroleo (who calls himself a “prophet”) posted of himself:

@vicny777♬ original sound – Vic Caroleo preacher/ prophet

And if you’re not familiar with Taffer, well here he is:

I guess I can see it, but I have to squint – and pretend that I’ve never heard Taffer’s voice before.

But anyway, Taffer’s lawsuit accuses Caroleo of invasion of privacy, and is asking the court to ban the preacher from passing himself off as the bar expert.

Or in other words, he’s asking the court to SHUT IT DOWN.

(Sorry, I had to do it).

And since we’re talking about it, check out some of these incredible Taffer moments from Bar Rescue.

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