Florida Fisherman Battles Hungry Alligator To Try & Land His Catch

Alligator attacks tarpon on line

Fishing in Florida ain’t for the faint of heart.

They probably got a bit more than they bargained for when fishing from a bridge, but hell, in that neck of the woods you gotta be on your toes. As scary as they can be, alligators are one cool animal. They will eat just about anything they can get ahold of, and I mean anything. Like a reptile garbage dump, some have even been found with license plates and bullets in their stomachs.

They can get massive too, with large males pushing 1,000-pounds and 11-feet long. They also have the strongest bite force in North America.

This group of fishermen are seen standing on a bridge, wetting a line over the edge. They hook into a nice tarpon and within seconds, a gator starts to attack the fish. They won’t give up the fight and double down, trying to keep the fish out of the gator’s jaws. One dude is even seen beat the gator with the handle of his rod.

As they try to net it, the alligator opens his jaws and lunges… miss. The group continues to fight and as the hungry alligator continues to pursue their fish. They get it into the net and up to safety, but not without one helluva fishing story.

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And here’s the fish:

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