Skip Bayless Ignites Internet (& Showcases The Importance Of Commas) With “All In, My A**” Post About The Dallas Cowboys

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless, the gas bag of all gas bags, taught everyone a very important lesson in punctuation today.

Most of the time, Skip is too busy shouting hot sports takes into the void that is daily sports debate television. Sometimes though, he takes a moment to shoot his thoughts and opinions out on social media, and the certified Dallas Cowboys hater (or fan, hard to keep track) sent out a rather unclear post about the Boys with this message:

Excuse me, Skip?

That’s one of those posts that you have to read a couple of times through, just to make sure. Simply posting, “All in, my ass” can be a dangerous game, as Bayless has found out with the response to his latest social media take.

For those that don’t follow along with the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, and what Skip Bayless has to say about it all, the hot take mastermind was referencing a quote from Cowboys owner (and Super Bowl hinderance) Jerry Jones.

The jerry-atric NFL owner (see what I did there?) said that Dallas would be going “all in” for the 2024 free agency period, which excited fans of the Cowboys. However, “America’s Team” has yet to sign someone from outside of their own team, and we’re now on day two of the NFL’s free agency.

Their lack of movement, and loss of a number of star players, has led a significant amount of Dallas fans to feel like this meme:

So now that you have the context necessary to understand Skip Bayless’ post on X (formerly Twitter), let’s get back to those four words that he sent out on social media. I know I’ve already linked his tweet/post in this story, but it’s so absurd that it deserves to be embedded once more.

Just to translate there, Skip is trying to say he highly doubts that the Dallas Cowboys are actually “all in.” Hence, he included “my ass” to signify that he was saying “yeah right.” Maybe “All in, yeah right” would have been a better way to put it.

Instead, the man that gets paid to speak for a living sent out a message that was one comma away from being NSFW, and the internet let him have it (mostly praising the punctuation):

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