“Isn’t That A Speed Skater?” – Jason Kelce Erupts When Travis Doesn’t Know Who Yoko Ono Is

Jason and Travis Kelce
New Heights Podcast

Oh no, Trav…

If there is one clip you should watch that is guaranteed to brighten your day… it’s this one. The Kelce boys are known for providing a good laugh while tuning into their New Heights podcast, but this clip will leave you with a side stitch.

In the most recent episode, the brothers spent the nearly two-hour episode recapping Jason’s retirement and the time that Travis spent in Australia supporting his boo thing, Taylor Swift.

Travis started telling Jason that the paparazzi were at the next level when he touched down on the land Down Under. Jason made a hilarious parallel that Travis in Australia was giving The Beatles level popularity during the British Invasion.

“You’re like The Beatles, you’re like Yoko Ono.” 

Travis giggles and responds with a wildly incorrect guess of who Yoko Ono (John Lennon’s wife) is, but boy, is it entertaining.

“Yoko Ono… isn’t that a speed skater.”

Jason starts to scream, laughing. He can’t even catch a breath before replying:

“Are you thinking of Apollo Anton Ohno?”

And the Olympic gold medalist is exactly who Travis was thinking of. While the two could not be more different, it led to comedic gold. While Jason was screaming into the microphone, their podcast editor was working overtime on the visuals to match this hilarious clip.

I’m not sure if Travis wants to be compared to Yoko Ono, but that seems like a conversation for a later podcast episode.

@newheightshow Oh no Travis … oh no 😂😭💀 @Accelerator Active Energy ♬ original sound – New Heights

Needless to say, I ran to the comment section to see what viewers thought about his misunderstanding, and they did not disappoint.

“This editing.”

“Trav immediately googles Yoko Ono after the podcast.”

“Gonna be thinking about this clip until the end of time.”

Jason’s laugh just makes this funnier.”

“Petition to start a new segment…what the media got wrong this week.”

“I watched 15x and it gets funnier every time.”

“Paul McCartney can give Travis the scoop.”

“I never thought I’d be the person to say this but I actually did spit my drink out. I was already laughing then it got funnier.”

Check out the full episode while you’re here.

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