Savannah Bananas’ Outfielder Tackles Fan Storming The Field, Calf-Ties Him As Security Runs Over

Savannah Bananas game

We’ve got a runner.

Over the weekend, the exhibition baseball team known for its dance moves and comedic bits took to the field at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, for a game against the Party Animals.

And while a Savannah Bananas game is a wacky experience, for players and fans alike, it doesn’t mean you get to run out on the field. And yet, here we are… a fan (overserved I presume?) decided he needed to be a part of their show and stormed the field. However, what happened next, I am sure, was not expected. One of the Banana’s outfielders, David Meadows, took matters into his own hands as the man in a straw cowboy had come barreling towards him.

The player grabbed the man by the ankles, pulling him down to the ground so he couldn’t continue on his maiden voyage around the baseball diamond. As the player was quicker than security, he needed to buy some time before this guy decided to get back up and run again.

So why not pretend to calf-tie him… I mean, they are in Texas, right? Personally, I think it feels perfectly on theme with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo being in full swing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… this was all staged, right? Part of the show? I certainly wouldn’t be out of the question but a number of fans who were there indicated that the runner definitely was scripted. Houston’s finest even got involved.

One of the event team members beat the police to the scene; he grabbed the man, pulling him to his feet. As they walked towards the police officers, he seemed cooperative until another wild hair came over him, and he tried to make a final dash for it. This was very short-lived, as he was fully tackled and placed in handcuffs afterward.

If I were this man, I would have taken the embarrassment of being calf-tied but my losses and left the field not in handcuffs. Unfortunately, that was not destiny for him. If baseball doesn’t work out for David Meadows, he should look into pro rodeo… the boy had quick hands.

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