Helpful Black Bear Wheels Garbage Bin Back Up Florida Driveway

Black bear walks garbage can back
ABC7 News Bay Area

There are a lot of people that would pay this black bear good money to wheel their trash bins up and down their driveway every week.

For some, remembering when to wheel the bins down to the street for “trash day” is written in bold letters on the family calendar. For those with trash pick up services, you simply can’t miss out on having your trash taken care of.

But for people in this Florida neighborhood, they could always roll the dice and see if their trash gets taken care of “organically.” And by that I mean a curious black bear could always wander by and act as an all-natural trash compactor.

It’s very common for a bear to search out a trash can or dumpster looking for food. That’s made evident by this bear dumpster diving in Gatlinburg, or this bold bruin literally walking off with an entire dumpster.

And in this video below, you see a Florida bear first looking like a good Samaritan as it wheels the trash bin up from the street and back up to the house. Upon first glance, you would think this bear is just fulfilling its weekly chore list.

However, it’s later revealed that the bruin was just relocating the trash bin away from the street to a safer, more comfortable spot to crack that thing open like a present on Christmas morning.

The footage shows the bear tip the container over after it rolls it to the top of the driveway, and once the trash poured out, it was an all-you-can-eat buffet for the intelligent animal.

Visually, the story alone is hilarious, but when you hear that the bear was selective with what it consumed from the trash, you’ll laugh even harder.

The ABC News station that covered the story revealed that owner of that Florida trash can noticed that one item that was there for the taking went unclaimed by the hungry black bear:

“Brett Longo shared this video, and he says the greatest part is that his wife had thrown out some homemade lasagna the night before.

The bear passed on that and instead said ‘I want this Arby’s beef and cheddar sandwich wrapper.'”

Big Arby’s bear, eh?

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