Ermine Dens Inside A Bull Moose Carcass

Moose carcass weasel

Gotta stay warm, right? These animals are just out there doing whatever they need to, all the time to survive. One cool thing about nature is that it doesn’t always matter the size of the animal, but how much they are willing to do to survive.

Ermines and weasels are some of the most fierce-for-their-size creatures out there. These slender creatures only grow to be about a foot and a half at max including their tale, but they got the fight of much more.

They are known to take out full chicken coops, using their slender body to slip in as the pick away at the pack. These creatures will eat meat in any form. They are skilled hunters, moving quickly and attacking hard, living mainly off of mice and rabbits, despite the later being much larger.

They will also scavenge whenever they of the chance.

This ermine was caught in action when these folks came across a moose carcass. Not only was an ermine eating it, but it had burrowed its way inside and brought dinner right home. Maybe it brought its home to dinner in this case.

Either way, that’s one cool thing to come across. It’s not every day you see one animal living in another.

“The equivalent of this would be me, living inside a house made of Taco Bell Crunchwraps.”

Well said.

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