“I Can’t Give You All What Y’all Deserve” – Wyatt Flores Postpones Shows To Prioritize His Mental Health

Wyatt Flores country music
Wyatt Flores

One of country music’s brightest young stars is having to step away for a moment.

The 22-year-old Wyatt Flores posted an emotional message on social media earlier today explaining why he would need to cancel and postpone a number of his upcoming shows.

In his long message that he shared, the young artist said he’d be back “before too long,” and we at least know that his upcoming Oxford, Ohio concert is canceled. Flores said that his shows in Detroit and Toronto will be rescheduled at a later date.

Based on Flores’ word choice throughout his transparent messaging, it seems as though he’s been trying to mask these personal and mental health issues for quite some time. It was only at his show in Kansas City last week where he finally came to the realization he wasn’t 100% while he was on stage.

Flores posted the video of what he told the crowd in Kansas City that night:

“This is the only thing that I’ve ever cared about and for some reason (that) I can’t figure out, I don’t feel a thing. I’m struggling with it. I’m sorry guys…

This is the only thing I give a sh*t about and I’m sorry. I can’t give you all what y’all deserve. And I love y’all, I’m very thankful for y’all being here.”

In the messages that were posted along with that video, Flores went into detail about what happened at his Kansas City show, and how it acted as a revelation for him to finally seek help:

“I’m sorry to Kansas City for being the show I finally realized what’s been going on with myself and that it had to come out in front of y’all. I can’t sit on stage and tell y’all to go live your life and do what makes you feel alive when I’m not doing the same…

I struggle to with my sense of worth and sometimes feel like I’m only loved because of the guitar that sits in my hand. I have a hard time saying no to things and disappointing anyone, most importantly my fans.

This video will always be a reminder to me (of) the importance of prioritizing self-care and mental health.”

The “Please Don’t Go” singer will be taking some time away from music to figure things out. I think I can speak for all country music fans when I say that what he’s doing is very mature, and it’s only right to get things in order before he gets back out there.

Flores continued to describe how everything seemingly hit him all at once, and why he’ll be stepping away from the spotlight:

“Feelings don’t go away. I used to cover them up by crawling into bottles and any other distraction available. I’ve slowed down on my drinking and tried to take better care of myself. All of the sudden, the feelings finally caught up…

I tried to give everything I had without giving anything back to myself. The sacrifices I’ve made to get the opportunity to be on stage have caught up to me. For right now, I’m going to do something for myself.”

And in the final portion of the letter that he penned to his followers, Flores concluded with a message that he hopes will inspire others to take some time to engage in introspection:

“All I’ve ever wanted to do was make people feel happy, and I hope that if you’ve come to a show, we’ve at least been able to do that.

Y’all have gotten me through so much, and I hope you can understand. I’d be doing a dishonor to you if I’m not genuinely smiling up on that stage…

Not only is this a reminder to myself, but it should be a reminder to everyone. Take care of yourself before you take care of others, and I’ll be back before too long. Love y’all.”

All of us here at Whiskey Riff wish Wyatt Flores a quick, positive, and speedy journey back to 100%. The country music world is a better place with him as a part of it.

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