South Carolina Man Grabs Coyote & Tosses It In The Trash To Save His Dog

man grabs coyote and puts it into garbage dumpster

The things we do for our pets…

Coyotes are wild animals, even in cities and towns. These are some of the most resilient creatures in the world, able to live from the deep forest to the most urban environments like New York City. One of the main reasons they continue to thrive in any habitat is that they will eat whatever they need to survive. That means berries and bunnies, digging through garbage cans and preying on pets… and anything else they think they can have a go at.

Coyotes are slick predators that wait and pounce on their prey, often taking them out quickly. They use their intelligence to track down targets and sneak around until the time is right. This coyote found itself a fresh meal in the form of a dog named Roxie.

This Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, man took his small dog Roxie outside for some air, and while he was standing there, he noticed his dog acting weird. As he moved to inspect, a coyote attacked and got a hold of his precious friend. That’s when the man sprung into action.

“She started looking that way, and I still couldn’t see anything, and then boom, a coyote jumped out of that bush over there, and she took off.”

A security camera caught it all on footage.

The man is seen charging into the attack and grabbing onto the coyote to free his dog, even taking a bite in the process. He gets control of the wild dog and decides to take it where it belongs, the trash. He marches over holding the coyote by the tail and tosses it in the garbage bin and holds it there until he can get some help.


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