Man Stung In The Testicles By A Scorpion While Sleeping In Vegas Hotel

scorpion Vegas underwear
Michael Farchi

I mean, this probably isn’t the WORST thing that’s happened to a man’s balls while in Las Vegas, but it’s gotta be up there.

According to 8 News Now, Michael Farchi of Agoura Hills, California says he woke up with excruciating pain in his privates while staying at the Venetian Resort in Vegas. Again, definitely not the first time that’s happened to somebody after a few nights in Sin City. You go out and drop a few stacks on a night with a lovely lady you meet on the strip and wake up with your balls burning. What happens in Vegas…

But anyway, the man says that he got up and went to the restroom, where he found the source of the discomfort in his drawers: An orange scorpion hanging from his underwear.

The man filed a report with the hotel, with Farchi describing the incident in straightforward detail:

“I have been bitten by a scorpion at my groin/testicles.”

Farchi also described the pain to the news as feeling like he was being stabbed:

“I just felt like somebody stabbing me in my private area. It felt like a sharp glass or a knife.”

He ultimately went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a scorpion sting. Which seems like a fairly obvious diagnosis after finding a scorpion in your underwear but hey, I’m not a doctor.

Farchi and his family checked out a day early, and the resort ended up comping his room, but he’s still considering taking legal action against the Venetian for the trauma that the testicle sting has caused.

There’s no indication of how the scorpion got into the room: Was it hiding in his bed and lying in wait, or did it somehow ride in on Farchi’s clothes or his belongings when he checked into the room? Probably impossible to tell at this point, but the Venetian did issue a statement saying that the hotel followed all protocols in addressing the incident:

“The resort has protocols for all incidents and we can confirm they were followed in this incident.”

Which leads me to my final point: What exactly are the protocols for when a guest is stung on the balls by a scorpion? And how often do these protocols have to be used?

Just another reminder that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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