“Participated In An Erection” – CNN’s Jake Tapper Hilariously Flubs Commentary On Donald Trump

Jake Tapper Nikki Haley


I knew political slander could get pretty dirty, but I had no idea it could escalate to this level. Usually politicians just throw out that their opponent takes money from nefarious sources and stay away from… let’s just say their extremely personal life.

However, I could be wrong about that, considering that Joe Biden and his wife revealed some information that easily fits into the TMI category. An upcoming book revealed that 81-year-old Biden likes to make jokes about “good sex” being the key to a happy marriage.

So with that being said, we might be able to throw out the term “presidential” in the modern era of politics. I don’t think that qualifier means all that much anymore, and that even goes for the news outlets that are covering politics.

CNN’s Jake Tapper was talking with presidential candidate Nikki Haley earlier today, and accidentally had an all-time slip up. While talking about keeping the former president on the Colorado ballot, Tapper meant to say “insurrection,” but instead said this:

“(Their) explanation was not (that) they didn’t like Donald Trump. They said he participated in an erection. And I have to…insurrection, sorry. Insurrection, and I have to say I got up at 5 a.m. this morning…I’m exhausted.”

Ahh, the ol’ “I’m tired and that’s why I mixed up erection and insurrection” excuse. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that (I’d have one nickel).

Social media had a field day with the mix up, and sent out some hilarious responses to the clip that’s now going viral:

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A beer bottle on a dock