Travis Kelce On Why People Are So Obsessed With Him & Taylor Swift: “The Values That We Stand For”

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift
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For everybody who was worried that the Super Bowl would turn into a media circus because of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce‘s relationship with Taylor Swift

Well, you’re right.

It seems like every clip I’ve seen of Kelce leading up to the Super Bowl has been some question about his new girlfriend Taylor Swift. But Travis is taking it in stride, even answering questions about Taylor’s new album that she announced during the Grammy Awards on Sunday. (He admitted that he’s heard some of it, in case you were wondering).

Of course Taylor Swift has been the hot topic in the NFL this year, ever since she started attending Chiefs games to cheer on her new man.

Fans have often complained about the amount of coverage that Taylor Swift has been getting during NFL games, but overall her presence has been a massive win for the league which has seen its ratings soar when the global pop superstar has been in attendance.

But why is everybody so obsessed with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

That was the question posed to Kelce today, by a reporter who had been sent to the Super Bowl solely to cover Taylor and Travis. (Tayvis? Traylor? What’s the celebrity couple nickname here?)

The reporter asked Kelce just why everybody seems to be so fascinated with the celebrity couple, even likening them to “American Royals.”

And Kelce had an answer ready to go:

“I think the values that we stand for, and just who we are as people. We love to shine light on others, shine light around the people that help and support us, and on top of that I feel like we both have just a love for life.”

A reporter then asked Travis to finish the Taylor Swift lyrics to “Karma,” a nod to the pop star changing the lyrics to her hit song to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs.”

But after that, when she tried to get Travis to keep singing, he seemed ready to move along (or he didn’t know the lyrics, but Travis was a Swiftie long before their relationship started so I have a feeling he knows every word).

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