Morgan Wade Debuts Two Gorgeous Unreleased Songs, “Life With You” And “2AM In London”

Morgan Wade country music

Morgan Wade does not miss.

She played a show for the Fire on the Mountain Fundraiser in her hometown of Floyd, Virginia at Floyd Country Store last Saturday, where she debuted a couple new songs.

The fundraiser was organized to raise money for the local fire departments in light of the recent wildfires, and Morgan opened the performance by saying simply:

“It’s nice to be back.”

In addition to running through fan-favorites like “Take Me Away,” “Psychopath,” “Halloween,” and more, Morgan played two new tunes called “2AM In London” and “Life With You.”

“2AM In London” finds her missing someone special who’s back home in the states, laying awake in the middle of the night because of jet lag, wishing she could just go home and be with them:

The other song “Life With You” is about how she spent all of her nights praying to find “the one,” and how it feels to finally be with that person even after giving up on “dreams I thought would never come true”:

I mean, anytime you get Morgan with just an acoustic guitar singing like that, it’s going to be magic, but I was captivated by these two songs and really hope she’ll eventually cut them in the studio.

She just released her sophomore studio album Psychopath, so it might be a while until that happens, but I”m already looking forward to it.


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