Lost Cow Found Two Months Later Traveling Around With Herd Of Bison

cow bison
CBS News

If it looks like a cow, but it’s hanging out with a herd of bison, it’s probably a lost cow.

Upon first glance, you might just think that this is a regular ol’ group of roaming bison. When you further inspect the herd however, you’ll notice that one of the animals doesn’t look like the rest of them.

That’s because a lost cow in Poland ending up finding a new home with some European bison it befriended, truly encompassing the phrase “not all who wander are lost.”

I say that, but there’s a very good chance that this cow simply and mistakenly thought the bison herd was where it belonged. It wandered off from the drove of cows it was with at a farm, and probably thought it had found its way back…to a much hairier group than she remembered.

All in all, it might have worked out in the cow’s favor. The female cow escaped from the cattle farm, and now appears to be living its best life out in the wild with the bison herd.

When it was discovered that the cow that had been missing was with this group of bison, it had been “lost” for almost two months. For it to still be alive, and looking to be healthy, the cow likely joined up with the herd pretty early on.

Since the bison herd accepted in the cow with open arms (or hooves? horns?), the female cow has been wandering around with the bison in the Bialowieska Forest, which is located on the border of Poland and Belarus.

Officials in the area have confidently stated that the bison have “accepted her as one of their own,” and luckily for the runaway cow, her former owner is not attempting to get her back. She pulled off the greatest escape in the history of cow-kind.

The plan was fool proof. Run for the forest, then find a way to blend in. The Polish cow has set the blueprint for all other courageous cows to follow in her hoof steps.

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