Tiny Florida Bobcat Launches Itself At Full Grown Deer

bobcat pounces on deer
386 FL Productions

They say it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog, and while that may be true in some circumstances, this video shows that sizes does matter, especially when it’s this large of a discrepancy.

Matt Hathaway, a resident of Flagley Beach, Florida has been capturing wildlife on trail cams for years but nothing compares to the scene that unfolded in front of one of his cameras last Wednesday.

A small bobcat walked directly into the path the camera was pointed at and crouched down into a pouncing stance. While fully grown bobcats in Florida can reach 35 pounds, this one is clearly less than that, maybe only 10 to 15, although it’s hard to tell from the video.

The bobcat holds this position for awhile until his prey also walks onto the screen.

No, it wasn’t a rabbit, or squirrel, or anything of a size the feline could handle, it was a fully grown deer. But this didn’t dissuade the bobcat, who waited for the right moment and pounced with tenacity. Unfortunately for the cat, what is had in belief it lacked in ability and the deer easily shucked off the attack and pranced into the woods to live another day.

No doubt this will be a good learning experience for the bobcat. It’ll probably square up some smaller, easier to handle prey moving forward, but if I was Hathaway, I’d be sure to keep all my pets inside, because that cat is certainly not afraid to take on anything.

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