“So, They Lied To Us?” – Onlookers Stunned As Deer Walks Right Into Thermal Pool At Yellowstone National Park

Deer walks into thermal pool

Bambi about to be deer soup. I guess this deer didn’t see the warning signs…

Thermal pools ain’t nothing to mess around with though. Curious (and stupid) minds tends to take over, and people love to roll the dice at Yellowstone National Park. Whether it’s approaching a wild animal, or getting to close to a thermal pool even though they can reach temperatures up to 345 degrees. There are countless signs warning people to stay out but they just can’t seem to help themselves. Time and time again we see and hear of people going right into these springs. Some have even died as they found a human foot in one.

Beyond them being dangerous, they are rare and special feature of the landscape, making their protection highly important. However, people don’t seem to care and just want to get that cool video. With wildlife, the same rules don’t apply. They don’t see fences or signs, but they also wouldn’t walk into a scorching hot spring. The habitat and wildlife coexist just fine.

These folks were shocked to find that out though while they were visiting a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. The deer is seen walking straight to, and then right into, a thermal feature. The man behind the camera was stunned:

“Are you gonna go get burnt by acid? Ow… What the…  So they lied to us? It’s been a lie this whole time.”

Truth is that different thermal pools run at different temperatures. Some are hot and some are REALLY hot. Some will melt the skin right off your hand. This deer, who may or may not know any better, obviously found one of the cooler ones.

Nevertheless, I’m afraid that this viral deer is gonna make everybody run out there and try to touch it…

DON’T be like this deer…

@lookitsblackdynamite #deer #fyp #yellowstonenationalpark ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

He got a close up with the deer as well:

@lookitsblackdynamite #deer #fyp #yellowstonenationalpark ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Bear Chases Elk Around The Thermal Pools At Yellowstone National Park

If Yellowstone isn’t on the bucket list, put it on there ASAP. The place is absolutely incredible. Between the stunning natural beauty and the up close encounters with wildlife, you’re guaranteed to see something amazing.

For these parkgoers, they got a front row seat to herd of elk while touring the thermal pools. But it wasn’t just a rambunctious herd of elk, they were running for their lives. With a bear hot on the tail, these elk do everything they can to evade the bear, while also avoiding the scalding hot springs.

If footage like this doesn’t convince you to check it out, nothing will.

Brown Bears Battle Over Whale Carcass Off Coast Of Alaska

I just got back from the lovely state of Montana, and while I didn’t run into any bears while I was there (probably a good thing), you get a first hand account of the vast, incredible, and humbling beauty this country has to offer.

And while Montana is amazing it gets no more vast, incredible and humbling than Alaska. In this incredible footage at the Katmai Coast of Southern Alaska, we get to watch as two coastal brown bears engage in a vicious fight over a beached whale carcass.

A whale carcass beached on the Alaskan coast prompted several dramatic fights between scavenging bears over the newfound bounty.

The scene was caught on camera at the Katmai coast in southern Alaska, in August 2015, as a massive male attacked a smaller female with a cub at the carcass, briefly gaining the upper hand until a different male attacks, saving the female.

And we have a front row seat.

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Yellowstone Visitor Illegally Dips Hand In 174-Degree Hot Spring

Holy smokes, what is wrong with some people?

Today we head back to the beautiful Instagram page “Tourons Of Yellowstone” to see yet another phenomenal display of stupidity. Not only is this next level idiotic, but these people were risking their life doing this.

On the Yellowstone National Park safety portion of their website, they clearly state:

“Stay on boardwalks and trails in thermal areas. Hot springs have injured or killed more people in Yellowstone than any other natural feature. Keep your children close and don’t let them run.”

Notice how they addressed children, hoping that grown up adults would be smart enough to not dip their hands into the 174-degree thermal pools.

Over 20 people have died after they entered or accidentally fell into the hot springs at Yellowstone National Park. There are signs everywhere that warn visitors not to get off the boardwalks or approach the hot springs, but that didn’t stop these two.

Even a bystander (the one that took the video) tried to warn the two people as they jumped the fence and slowly made their way down to the thermal pool. The caption on the post explains how the situation went down, and why the person videoing started recording:

“Ok, I would have called these people in but couldn’t find a ranger or service, but here’s a guy and I’d presume his daughter at what I thought said Silex Spring in fountain paint pot trail.

I told him that was a bad idea and they shouldn’t get off the board walk. His response was ‘whatever man.’ So I hit record.”

Once they started recording, the “tourons” made their way down to the hot spring. One of them stayed up a ways from the thermal pool so that the other could hold onto their hand as they inched closer and closer to the piping hot water.

Once she finally got the fingers of her right hand into the water, she yelled out:

“It’s hot! It’s so hot!”

Who could have possibly known that? I seriously can’t believe that people would actually try to do this, and I do lose a little bit of faith in humanity after watching this.

Take a look:

People in the comments of the post were at a loss of words as they watched the morons touch the hot spring, and by “a loss of word,” I mean they actually had plenty of them:

“We generally need less safety measures in place so that we can fully benefit from the survival of the fittest system that has always existed.”

“They should earn a lifelong ban from all national & state parks. This is probably just the first time the first time they were caught on film performing for the Darwin Awards.”

“‘It’s hot!’ If only there was a sign telling them that! Since the steam and boiling water wasn’t enough.”

“Those 2 are the reason why there’s directions on shampoo bottles.”

“I wish people understood that it’s not just about the risk their making of their own lives, but they’re also interfering with a delicate ecosystem.”

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