Lainey Wilson Was A ‘Hannah Montana’ Impersonator For Five Years

Lainey Wilson Miley Cyrus
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“You get the best of both worlds…”

Lainey Wilson is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in country music right now. Taking home some of the biggest awards this year, including the Grammy for Best Country Album. But, it was not always glitz and glamour for the Louisiana native.

Putting her nose to the grindstone for many years, hustling and bustling in Nashville before her moment came, Wilson has some incredible stories about her career’s start. From living in a camper in her friend’s front yard and being an extra in an early Jelly Roll music video to being a Hannah Montana impersonator, she’s done it all.

But out of all her odd jobs, her blonde locks doubled as Hannah Montana’s hair for five years.

Back in 2022, during her first Billboard Music Awards red carpet, Wilson touched on her career, making little girls’ dreams come true before she rocket-launched into the country music limelight.

(Is it just me, or does the fact she impersonated a rock star who came from humble roots seem like a manifestation of her future? I digress, back to the story.)

“I learned all fifteen Hannah Montana karaoke tracks. I would do birthday parties, fairs, festivals, St. Jude…you name it. Lainey Wilson would open up the show for Hannah Montana. So yeah, I finally hung the wig up… but it made me some money, though I ain’t even going to lie. I did it for five years.”

Starting that job in the eighth grade, she would do three or four parties a weekend. Clearly, getting a start that early performing gave her a taste of what fame felt like, making her hungry for the career she now has.

She really is living out the lyrics of “Best Of Both Worlds” these days:

Just for fun check out this super old picture of Wilson… it’s giving Hannah Montana The Movie Crowley Corner vibes. I am here for it.

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