Rad Old Man Sends It Off High Dive In Shirt & Tie After Holding Flag For The National Anthem

Man jumps off high dive

Now that’s how you make a splash… (sorry, had to do it)

The 2024 Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference held their annual swimming and diving championships this month, and while I’m sure there were plenty of unbelievable performances from the athletes, there was one moment that made its way online and is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

On the final day of the competition, where titles were on the line, the crowd rose for the playing of the National Anthem to kick things off. An older man (I’m guessing late 60’s, early 70’s), dressed in classic short sleeve button up, tie, dress pants, and Dr. Scholls climbed up to the 10 meter (about 33 feet) high dive platform and held the American flag out over the pool for all to see.

When the anthem was over, he calmly handed the flag to a woman standing behind him, took two steps to the platform’s edge, raised his hands to steady himself, and then absolutely sent it, landing in a picture perfect pencil that sent the crowd wild.

According to a commentor, the dude is an MIAC official and it was the 25th time he’s done this. Another said he used to play the national anthem on his trumpet before jumping in, which makes me respect this guy even more than I knew possible and I am far from alone in feeling that.

“Probably just added 15 years to his life good for you sir. Just shows your never to old for extreme sports.”

“Peak elderly performance”

“I love it…the human spirit never ceases to amaze”

“Scary ass jump like it was nothing”

“Amazing, the man knows how to put on a show.”

Sir, I wish I knew your name to thank you properly, but you just absolutely made my day watching this.

Big shoutout to this MIAC official.

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