Dana White Never Seen Anything Like The Crowd Fight At UFC Mexico City: “I Ran Over There And Was Watching, Nobody Stopped It”

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This weekend there was a solid slate of fights in the octagon for UFC’s first event in Mexico in over 4 years but it was a brawl that took place in the stands that still has people talking.

Right before the official decision was read for the main card opener between Chris Duncan and Manuel Torres, a fight broke out between a group of fans and this was far from the shoving matches we typically going down at sporting events.

These guys were throwing hammers at each other and one even knocked two guys down, seeming to send one completely unconscious.

Here’s a few angles of the brawl.

My goodness, those dudes were getting after it and the crowd LOVED it…

No doubt there was a few black eyes the morning after and hopefully they had some Pit Vipers to cover up the damage and still look good. Manuel Torres, a Mexico native, tried to calm everybody down before his victory interview and things eventually worked themselves out, with no help from security, which is certainly strange.

UFC President Dana White addressed the crowd fight in his pre conference and to say he was no bothered by it would be an understatement. When asked if it made the UFC look bad he said:

“The fight in the crowd doesn’t look good for the UFC? That never happens. That literally never happens. It happened here in Mexico City. The crazy thing about that fight, when that fight broke out, it felt like it kept going forever. So I ran over there and was watching it. Nobody stopped it. I was waiting for security to come in. They just let them go until it was over. 

That was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s a bad look for the UFC. It happened and that was the end of that. I think after everybody saw the end of that sh*t, nobody else wanted to try that again. No security. The fight just went on until it was over. I’ve never seen any sh*t like that in my life.”

While I don’t know if it’s truthful to say that there’s never been a fight in a UFC crowd before, he has a point in saying that enormous brawls where people get knocked out are certainly not common. As Dana would probably say, this is the fight business, and all press is good press, so if people are talking about the organization, that’s a win in his book.

You can watch his entire press conference here.

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