Travis Kelce Jams Out To Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” At Vegas Club As Super Bowl Celebration Continues

Travis Kelce dancing

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce fights for his right to party all football season long so that he can absolutely send it when his team wins the Super Bowl. Now celebrating his third Lombardi Trophy and third championship in the last five years, Kelce is a pro’s pro when it comes to having a killer time.

Kelce is also half of pop culture’s preeminent power couple with music icon Taylor Swift. Their romance has been the subject of much discussion. It’s ignited the weird-energy feelings of more male football fans than you’d ideally expect. Regardless, this man Kelce cannot stop winning right now. He was just out again with his legendary quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Las Vegas, continuing the hard-earned post-Super Bowl festivities by blasting his girlfriend’s crowd-pleasing track “Love Story.”

So many phones pointed in Kelce’s direction. That’d be hard to get accustomed to. Kelce was obviously a well-known football player before dating T-Swift, but his fame shot into a different stratosphere that has seldom ever been seen. In spite of how distracting that could be — or how some argued Kelce’s focus had wavered as a result of his romantic relationship — all he did was save his very best football for when it mattered most.

During the Chiefs’ playoff run, he reeled in 32 receptions on 37 targets for 355 yards and three TDs. Yep, that’ll do! Mind you, it’s not like Kansas City has a bunch of world beaters playing wide receiver. Kelce will turn 35 in October, and still has plenty of good football ahead of him. At least a couple quality years, you’d think.

But yeah, “Love Story” is such a banger. You don’t even have to be a diehard Swiftie to acknowledge this. It’s OK. Haters will continue to be sick about the Kelce-Swift relationship. However, I don’t think it gets much better for Travis Kelce than blasting his myriad Grammy-winning girlfriend’s smash hit song in a club after winning a Super Bowl.

Here are some high-res photos from the scenes in Vegas, with Mahomes and Kelce pictured having a total blast.

These guys are to the point where they could probably party like Johnny Manziel, sweat out the booze on NFL Sundays, and still string together double-digit wins to go with another AFC West title. Kelce and Mahomes could do that in their sleep. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, the Chiefs have the major incentive to pull off the first-ever Super Bowl three-peat.

With that type of history driving Kansas City, it pains me to write the next sentence. There’s a strong chance we will see a similar scene to this one from Kelce approximately 365 days from now, where the Chiefs have cemented their dynasty and put themselves completely out of reach of any of their would-be contemporary rivals. And for the record, I hope it’s still Swift’s tunes Kelce is blasting in the club.

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