Rangers Rookie Matt Rempe & Flyers Vet Nicolas Deslauriers Give Us The Fight Of The Season

Rempe fight

Matt Rempe is only playing in his fourth NHL game. After sending the Stadium Series crowd into a frenzy last week when he promptly dropped the gloves in his New York Rangers debut, the 21-year-old enforcer was at it again on Saturday.

Just three minutes into the first period, Philadelphia Flyers left winger Nicolas Deslauriers was ready for a heavyweight bout — despite giving up six inches of height and 23 pounds to the youngster. The referees let them swing for a very long time, and let’s just say the fight itself was worth the price of admission in Philly.

Worthy of Rocky Balboa’s town for sure. In fact, I’m hoping somebody get some Rocky soundtrack tunes dubbed over this slugfest.

Although he took more physical damage, I’d actually give Deslauriers the win. At this rate, though, Rempe is on pace to engage in 41 fights per season. The kid will watch the tape, learn from this close loss, and take solace in the fact that he f***** up the old man’s face pretty good.

See this is the type of fight that is fully legal, sanctioned and permitted at a hockey game. Nobody wants to see dude bros taking swings at each other in the stands. Or at least I don’t.

Matt Rempe is quickly becoming the biggest goon in the NHL. Not the worst strategy in the world to establish yourself that way. It’s easier when you’re as huge as Rempe is, and are playing on an excellent club to back up your big talk/big fists combination. He also brought the thunder against the Devils in the Blueshirts’ 5-1 win earlier this week, resulting in an ejection but no further disciplinary action from the league.

It’ll be a fine line for Rempe to walk when it comes to his physicality going forward. What’s endearing and novel right now might not go over so well if the Rangers are deep in the playoffs pursuing Lord Stanley’s Cup. You don’t want an ill-timed penalty in a high-leverage moment. Nevertheless, this ungentle giant of a young man is making his presence felt right away at the highest level of hockey. Something to be said for that.

When I was in college at Miami (Ohio), hockey was our main sport. Had this guy named Justin Vaive, a 6-foot-6, 240-pound tall drink of water who we all called “Man Mountain.” I don’t think I’ve seen that nickname used on an NHL player before. Motion to make Matt Rempe’s moniker Man Mountain, New York!

OK even if that doesn’t catch on, perhaps the betting markets will capitalize on Rempe’s penchant to repeatedly pummel opponents ahead of lengthy sits in the sin bin.

PS: If you’re looking for an underrated sports movie, or just something good watch in general, Goon starring Seann William Scott is exceptional. That’s right. Stifler gives a great dramatic performance as a Rempe type.

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