Hunter Captures Rare Video Of Bobcat Pouncing On Unsuspecting Deer

Bobcat charges deer

When you think of the kind of animals that prey on deer, I would imagine that bobcat isn’t exactly at the top of your list. A large bobcat can weigh up to 30-pounds, whereas a doe averages around 100-pounds. That’s a size difference large enough for a person to assume that they just don’t clash much. But you what they say about making assumptions…

Bobcats are the most common wild kitty to roam the North American woods, present throughout a large part of the U.S. and southern Canada. Most of the time bobcats prey on small mammals such as squirrels, rodents and rabbits, but every once in while they do go after a small deer, or a fawn in particular. They really only eat a couple pounds of food per day, so a deer will serve as a meal for other scavengers when this happens.

Like most wild cats, they are incredibly successful hunters moving with speed and precision in their attack. Much like their larger mountain lion cousins, they go hard for the neck and face area, looking to neutralize their prey quickly.

In this rare encounter here, a bobcat is seen hiding behind a berm on the ground, using the classic wildcat position of staying low, preparing to pounce, and counting on the element of surprise.

As the this fairly small deer approaches, the bobcat jumps out with as much speed as he can muster up and gets on the deer before it has the chance to get away.

Quickly, it takes the deer to the ground, and the fight is as good as done after that. The kill happens mostly behind a tree in the hunter’s view, but one can only imagine it went straight for the neck and ended things as quickly as it could.

What a thing to witness while out for a hunt.

Let’s just hope the cat didn’t steal the hunters target. Judging by the size of the deer, I doubt that was the case, but I can’t imagine too many more coming around after that commotion.

Bobcat Takes Out Rattlesnake In Skilled Fight

This felt like a high level boxing match. Both sides were quick. One side had the size advantage but it was matched by the other’s one-strike power. A match up for the ages, but one must prevail, and this time size was victorious.

A bobcat and a rattlesnake squared up in Angeles National Forest in Arcadia, California in just the right spot to be captured on a trail cam, and it’s one of the best displays of the insane reaction time of cats, especially wild ones.

Rattlesnakes strike at about 10 feet per second, which doesn’t seem very fast, but when you realize they can hit your hand from a foot away in a tenth of a second, you start to realize it’s scary fast…

But even more impressively, the bobcat is able to dodge every single attack thrown out by the snake and secure a win with a combination of strikes and one well placed bite.

Safe to say it wasn’t the first time he’d taken out a rattlesnake, and judging by the success, it won’t be the last.

Louisiana Bobcat Jumps Monstrous Gap

Holy moly…

Now granted I’m not familiar with the World Record long jump for a bobcat, but this has to be pretty close. Filmed in Pecan Island, Louisiana, even these crab fishermen were blown about by this display of athleticism:

“We were just out fishing for blue crab in Pecan Island, LA and this huge bobcat came out across the weir.

I grabbed my phone thinking he was about to get wet, but he surprised us all.”

According to National Geographic, a bobcat can jump about 10 feet and just from the eye test, that gap looks bigger than 10 feet.

This fella cleared it with ease…

Two Bobcats Go Head To Head In Texas Family’s Front Yard

Texas is a special place.

Aside from the incredible country music, you never know what you might see… maybe it’s a jacked kangaroo, or truckers fighting, or an evicted dude obsessed with Bud Light, OR in this case, a pair of bobcats going at it hard in a family’s front yard.

The person filming said that the bobcats squaring off in the neighborhood “were walking down the street from house to house to marking their territory,” beating the piss out of each other along the way.

Blink, and you might miss it. These Texas cats are not messing around.

Bobcat Makes Short Work Of Duck On The Golf Course

Bobcats are pretty incredible animals.

It is amazing to watch them hunt, and see firsthand, how quickly they can adapt to the environment when they find prey to go after. Using the land to their advantage, they sneak up and attack in a flash.

It’s pretty cool to witness, and definitely not something that everyone gets to see.

Especially, on the gold course…

TMZ says the video took place in Arizona and golfers playing a round noticed the bobcat in the sand trap. They quickly realized what the cat was up to, using the sharp hills as a vantage point. A flock of ducks were eating away, clearly unaware of what was coming.

A golfer in the video commented.

“Look at this… they don’t even know he’s there.”

The bobcat creeps around the sand looking for the perfect place to attack from.

In a split second, the cat tops the hill and somehow finds a new gear as it leaps and gets its claws into one of the ducks.

The golfers then make their way towards the Bobcat as it comes clearer into view, finishing off its kill and then takes off with its dinner to go.

One of the golfers has an all-time quote when talking to an animal. In the words of Stephen A. Smith…

“You a baaad man, that’s a bad man”

He is right though, you can’t help but agree as the bobcat runs out of view. That is indeed a bad, bad man.

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