Group Of People Get Wolf Pack To Howl Back At Colorado Wolf Sanctuary

Wolf sanctuary

Have you ever had the strange-yet-sudden urge to join a wolf pack, or at the very least, consider the wolf as your spirit animal?

If you answered yes to either of those questions (kind of weird if you said yes to the first part), let me introduce you to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, Colorado.

A recent visitor to the wolf refuge posted about their experience on TikTok, and as the kids say nowadays, the video has gone “viral.” The footage specifically showcases a moment for guests that the wildlife center likes to offer, which we’ll refer to as “howl and response.”

In the clip, you can hear the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center worker encouraging the two men to give their best wolf howl, and advises that the higher the pitch, the better chance the wolves respond.

The group’s first attempt proves to be unsuccessful, but the guide gives it one more shot, and she must have hit just the right note, because her howl spawned a chorus of wolves all across the property to howl right back.

Check it out:

@j_buzziWhen you go to a wolf sanctuary and they tell you to howl at the end of the tour 😂😂😂 • but honestly this is one of the coolest things ever to be able to hear and experience this in person is wild. 🐺

♬ original sound – j_buzzi

Yeah, that’s worth the admission price right there. Honestly, after something like that, I’d offer to pay even more than what I already forked over to go on the tour.

Looks like I’m planning a trip out to Divide, Colorado to visit this wildlife center sometime soon. Based on some of the comments on the TikTok post, I’d say a lot of people are in the same boat as me:

“I would take this opportunity to howl like my life depends on it.”

“My toxic trait is that i wanna pet them all.”

“I heard that live once and it was so eerily moving, so cool!”

“That is amazing. What an experience.”

“My dogs howl too when they hear me howl, but this is way cooler.”

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