Mountain Lion Admires Its Raccoon Capture In Glass Front Door Of Arizona Home

Mountain lion finds raccoon

You wouldn’t be “lion” if you said this raccoon wasn’t having a good night.

If you can get past that horrendous opening pun (you might even call it a “pun attempt”), stick with me here, because this video of a mountain lion walking around with its dinner like it’s a trophy is too good to miss.

If you live in the foothills of the Tucson, Arizona area, keep an eye out for mountain lion, because that’s where this video took place. If the mountain lion can bag a raccoon, it could also get a hold of a house cat or dog, as we’ve seen in the past.

In this clip, we only get to see the aftermath of the hunt, as the security footage picks up as the big cat already has the dead raccoon securely locked in its jaws. Carrying the smaller animal in its mouth, the mountain lion walks right up to the suburban home’s front door like it’s showing up for a dinner party with its potluck dish.

The big cat walks up to the front door, and after most likely checking out its own reflection, walks back down the sidewalk it had just came from. It does this a couple of times, possibly looking for a place to settle in to eat the freshly caught dinner it was carrying.

Nature Is Metal, the account that posted the clip (they are a great follow if you are into gnarly animal videos), had a few theories as to why the mountain lion kept walking back and forth:

“Phil Calcutt caught this mountain lion, either looking for a place to chow down or absolutely spellbound by the multiple reflective surfaces and could not get enough of how bad*** she looked.

Either way, that is a huge meal she just caught, and she seems pretty proud of it.”

Nice house, Phil.

I can’t help but feel bad for that raccoon. It was probably just dumpster diving in the Arizona area and got snatched right up by that mountain lion.

But that’s nature for you. One minute, you are looking for food, and the next, you ARE the food.

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