“I Really Hope They Included Female Broadcasters” – ESPN’s Molly McGrath Calls Out EA Sports College Football Video Game Over All-Male Announcer List

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The premiere college football video game has made its long awaited return…sort of.

College football fans and sports video game fanatics still have to wait a couple of more months for the revived EA Sports College Football 25 game. Not a lot of information has come out about the video game, other than its release is set for “this summer,” and that all 134 FBS programs will be included.

More news surrounding the cult classic (AKA loved by rabid college fans) football game was released today, with the list of the video game’s announcers becoming public. Fans that buy the game and fire it up for the first time since NCAA Football 2013 will get to hear the wonderful voices of Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler, David Pollack, Jesse Palmer, and Kevin Connors.

Those names are at least the ones that are confirmed to be included so far for when the game drops sometime this summer:

Pretty exciting, right?

There’s just one problem, and that problem was pointed out by ESPN broadcaster Molly McGrath. She saw the news that many other ESPN personalities were tapped to help out with the video game, and noticed that there was a common theme: It was all males.

McGrath, who seemingly was never approached to help out with announcing for the new EA Sports game based upon her word choice here, sent this post out on social media when the news hit the internet:

“So exciting! I really hope EA Sports College Football 25 included female broadcasters, as well. Women are a huge part of college football.”

Something tells me that all of the video game producers for EA Sports College Football 25 just let out a collective “oh sh*t.”

Could it have been an oversight by the game developers? Possibly. But they also could have just flat out forgot about the sideline reporting aspect. There’s a chance too that they have included female announcers, or have reached out to some, and they simply haven’t been confirmed.

But based upon how McGrath put things, saying “I really hope EA Sports College Football included female broadcasters as well,” one can assume at the very least that she never got the call to help out. There’s still time though…

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