Kentucky Couple Gets Married In Gas Station Bathroom, Shares First Dance To “Forever & Ever Amen”

gas station bathroom wedding
YouTube/Valor Oil

I’ve always thought that there’s not really any place more romantic than a gas station bathroom.

From the graffiti on the walls with phone numbers to call if I’m in need of a good time, to the suspicious holes in the bathroom stalls and the condom dispensers hanging by the sink, nothing really gets me in the mood like dropping a deuce at a Chevron on the side of the highway.

Ok maybe it’s not the romantic place in the world. But one Kentucky couple recently tied the knot – and even had their first dance – in the bathroom of their local Valor Oil gas station.

Now, this isn’t exactly your normal gas station bathroom. You may have even seen videos of this bathroom in Verona, Kentucky go viral on social media (get your mind out of the gutter, not those kinds of videos) for their “disco bathroom,” complete with a disco ball and music when a potty-er…sorry, partier…hits the button on the wall.

@emilyjoyallison I did not know this existed until I pressed the button so you can imagine my surprise #hopshop #hopshopdiscobathroom #discobathroom #kentucky ♬ original sound – Emily Joy Allison

Imagine minding your own business, taking a dump in the stall, when somebody presses that button and the lights go out as “Dancing Queen” starts playing.

Talk about a mind f*ck.

But hey, there’s built in lighting and entertainment, so what better place for a wedding?

Well apparently that was the thought process for Logen & Tiana Hope Abney.

The bride, who works at the Hop Shop convenience store, walked down the (candy) aisle and to the toilet…sorry, I mean the altar…to meet her waiting groom, and the two said their vows right there in the sh*tter.

And after the ceremony obviously comes the reception. While some people may have trouble using the bathroom in front of a crowd, the happy couple had no stage fright as they shared their first dance to the Randy Travis classic “Forever & Ever, Amen.”

Who says romance is dead?

Oh, and the husband even had a message for all the haters, now that the couple is “famous.”

Logen posted on Facebook:

“In every haters mouth they love talking about us they even think about us.. aye were famous were even on the radio an news station I love u baby Tiana Hope Abney there just making us stronger an more popular everytime they open there mouth we in it I feel very important.”

From standing at the urinal…I mean, altar…to standing up for his bride.

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