Great White Shark Dies Ramming Itself Into Diver’s Cage Off Coast Of Mexico

Shark rams cage

The ocean isn’t for the faint of heart, especially in great white territory.

Great white sharks are apex predators that inhabit the world’s oceans. Adults typically reach lengths between 15 and 20 feet, with the females generally being larger than the males. Known for their large, serrated teeth, great white sharks are highly efficient hunters, preying on a diverse range of marine animals, including seals, sea lions, and various fish species.

Great white sharks are found in coastal waters around the globe, from temperate to tropical regions, although they are most commonly associated with areas such as South Africa, California, and Australia. Their migratory patterns can span thousands of miles as they search for prey and suitable breeding grounds. Despite their fearsome reputation, great white sharks are crucial to maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems by controlling the populations of their prey and preventing the overpopulation of certain species. Research has shown that these sharks play a vital role in shaping the behavior and distribution of marine mammals, ultimately contributing to the health and stability of the oceanic environment.

They have garnered their fair share of public attention, both in admiration and fear, and movies like Jaws have cemented the great white’s place in pop culture. However, conservation efforts are underway to protect great white sharks, as they face various threats such as habitat degradation, accidental bycatch, and illegal fishing.

Only orcas are known to prey on great white sharks, specifically for their livers, although documented instances are rather rare as it only happens in certain pods. That being said, anything can happen in the deep, and this shark lost its life in a rather unexpected matter… ramming a diver cage.

In this viral video, you can see a shark ramming a cage near Guadalupe Island in Mexico. The shark continues to ram the cage, like it would with any other prey in the water, only this time, it gets stuck in the cage and suffers a fatal wound before slowly sinking into the deep.

A tragic scene for sure, one that no researcher or photographer wants to happen:

A number of comments blasted the people in the cage for causing the death of the shark:

Some took issue with the… cage design?

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