Woman Goes Full “Karen” On Mom For Having Her Baby At Restaurant Bar In Viral Video

restaurant karen

This string of TikToks has consumed me all day.

The internet loves a “Karen” moment, and this lady fully embraces the role. A TikTok user shared a string of three (and her only three videos on her profile) of a what appears to be an intoxicated woman calling out a mom for having her baby in the bar. The series of videos has gone extremely viral, and while nobody argues (for the most part) that the woman is out of line, the internet is pretty divided on whether or not you should have your youngsters by the bar.

The user shared a video of a woman towering over the victim, belittling her for having her child in the establishment. Let’s clear up the term bar super quickly. This establishment looks like a nice place with a bar section, but (I’m going to guess) it opens into a larger restaurant. It’s not a dingy dive bar with dim lighting and sticky floors.

“You’re an idiot….you’re an idiot. F***** get out of the bar. Get your f****** kid out of the bar.”

The crazy lady then assumes that she is yelling at a woman named “Jamie,” to which the Karen victim responds that it is NOT her name.

She then posted another video of the event, which paints a fuller picture. The first video highlights right before the Karen got heated, and the group looks like they are trying to pay and leave the establishment. All of them are seated, which further supports the restaurant/bar vibe I picked up from the first one. There’s also a number of women in the background who seem to have young kids as well.

The woman looks disgustingly at the child before she goes in with her multiple “idiot comments.” An innocent bystander who watched the whole situation unfold springs into action, putting an arm between the mother and the lady yelling.

“You need to leave. They weren’t bothering you. You are harassing them…they have children.” 

And the woman still telling the group to get that kid out of the bar… clearly, she’s three sheets to the wind still stands firm that she is right here. The bystander, not taking it from this lady, swiftly responds:

“You’re drunk…leave! You’re drunk.”

Finally, a bartender steps in and helps usher the woman a little bit away from the group.


The videos have earned millions and millions of views, with comments all over the spectrum:

“Baby in a bar is child abuse, call CPS.”

“Was this at Wasted Management?”

“Who takes their baby in a bar?”

“But why did you think that was a good idea? A baby in the bar?”

“Went to a bar/ restaurant last night that had a great band & kids everywhere. It was lovely.”

“It depends on what time it is. After 7pm get a sitter.”

“Wait why is that baby in a bar… that woman was vitriolic but the mom is trash.”

“It is weird that have a baby in a bar….but Karen was obnoxious.”

“Baby in a bar is different than a baby in a restaurant with a bar.”

“I literally wish someone would tell me i can’t take my kid somewhere.”

“It’s clearly a restaurant with a bar.”

“Trying to make the woman look bad but if you had any maturity you would know the potential danger of a baby in a bar. You also don’t know what this lady may of had to endure in her childhood.”

That last one is something else… potential danger? Huh? What she endured in childhood? Not sure what Karen’s childhood has to do with minding her own business? We’re basically talking about the bar area of an Applebee’s or some place similar. And seeing as how there are several young kids in their party (you can see them in the back with more babies), it’s safe to assume it isn’t very late. These moms and dads aren’t at some club at 1 in the morning with a bunch of toddlers… calm down.

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