Taylor Swift Donated $100K To The Family Of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, Who Was Killed In The Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Shooting

Taylor Swift Lisa Lopez-Galvan
Michael Owens via Getty Images/Lisa Lopez-Galvan

If millions of people are going to slam Taylor Swift for simply existing at a professional football game and supporting her boyfriend, maybe they can also recognize that the global pop superstar has a good heart.

Not that I know T-Swift personally, but she’s reached the point of fame and wealth that she could just double middle-finger everyone and tune out all the hate she gets on a minute-by-minute basis. I don’t even know how she remains tethered to reality with the type of exposure she gets.

Nevertheless, Taylor did a wonderful thing by donating $100,000 to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, the mother of two who was slain in the mass shooting at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade.

Not sure how anyone could warp their mind enough or do the required mental gymnastics to somehow spin this as Taylor making it about herself. I’m sure more than a few people will contort themselves and try to spin it that way.

Let’s not get it twisted, though. This is a wonderful gesture by Taylor, and it goes well beyond her affiliation with the Chiefs and Travis Kelce.

It was reported that over 20 more people were injured in the shooting, including nine children. We can only pray that something positive comes out of this, but then again, I feel like that’s my general sentiment on mass shootings. Nothing seems to effectively change.

Here’s the link to the Elizabeth Lopez-Galvan Memorial GoFundMe. As of writing this, the donations have exceeded $250,000.

Don’t have much else to say on this story, but following Wednesday’s tragedy, I was reflecting on some of the other mass shootings in America. One of the moments that stuck with me most was when Matthew McConaughey took the podium at the White House after the Uvalde shooting to discuss a 9-year-old student who was killed, Maite Rodriguez. The CSPAN caption gives you all the context you need.

That also led me to McConaughey’s Green Lights Initiative, which helps schools secure funding for safer schools. Thought it’d be worthwhile to plug it here in lieu of anything else to add on the latest devastating event.

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