Ernerst Teases Honky Tonk Heater Featuring Lukas Nelson, “Why Dallas”

Ernest Lukas Nelson country music
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Country dang music.

Ernest teased another new tune on Instagram last night, and it’s heater of a song called “Why Dallas” that features the very talented Lukas Nelson.

It certainly has some west Texas flair, full of fiddle and steel guitar, with a great melody and solid lyrics that find him wondering why his girl left Nashville, Tennessee for Dallas, Texas.

Seeing as Lukas is the featured artist on this song, and Ernest has shared on social media about them writing together, it’s likely that he was also a co-writer on it too, and that stands to reason in terms of the Nashville/Dallas theme here.

Lukas is the son of the iconic Willie Nelson, and Ernest is a Nashville native, so it’s cool to here those influences woven into the lyrics in such a unique way:

“I’m wondering why Dallas did you take her from me,
Everything was fine out here in Nashville, Tennessee,
We went from chasing Amarillo,
Now I’m chasing memories,
I’m wondering why did you take her from me”

It’s definitely reminiscent of 80’s George Strait in terms of the production, and I’m fascinated by the pairing of Ernest and Lukas. Ernest has made a name for himself as one of the premiere writers in Nashville, writing tons of mainstream #1 hits for people like Morgan Wallen.

Lukas, on the other hand, has been an independent artist who has certainly dabbled outside of the country genre in terms of his own music. He’s incredibly talented artist (he comes by it honest, obviously), and has tended to work with people outside of the mainstream up until more recently… he also has a great song with Lainey Wilson from his most recent record you should definitely check out.

All that to say, that juxtaposition of sorts certainly works on “why Dallas,” and if this is the kind of stuff they come up with together, then I hope it’s not the only song they wrote and we get to hear more. Ernest also teased a song with Jelly Roll earlier this week, and I have to imagine that a new album announcement is on the way very soon.

Check this out, though… I’m obsessed and can’t wait to hear the whole thing:

Ernest most recently put out his Flower Shops (The Album): Two Dozen Roses record in February of last year, and his song with Morgan Wallen, “Flower Shops,” has been certified 2X Platinum by the RIAA.

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