“I Went To College, I Went To Jail” — Ernest Teases Funny New Song Featuring Jelly Roll

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Double trouble.

Ernest teased a new song that features his friend Jelly Roll this morning, one that they previously discussed on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast.

The story of how it came to be is pretty hilarious too, as Luke Bryan encouraged them to write it after talking to Ernest about how long he and Jelly Roll had actually known each other:

“I used to go by his house and acquire some things, and we’d freestyle rap. And this was back in, like, 2010.

Then I went to college, and he went to jail, and then we came back around all these years later. Then Luke was like, ‘Hold one motherf*ker, you better write that f*ckin’ song right now.’”

After multiple Facetime calls with Jelly Roll while Ernest and Bryan were golfing, they had a little song worked out and Ernest shared part of the studio cut on Instagram this morning.

It’s a funny, coy little tune about how even though one of them went to jail and one went to college, they actually have a lot in common and it all worked out for them in the long run:

“We both grew up in the 615,
Both sides of the train tracks,
Had two different lives,
Both sons of sinners,
Needin’ set free,

We met at a party over big bags of weed,
And I went to college,
I went to jail…”

Jelly Roll also mentioned the podcast that the song will be included on Ernest’s forthcoming (unofficially announced) album:

And here’s the full podcast episode if you’re interested:

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