Shirtless & Purring Like A Cat, Willie Gay Jr. Is The Clear Early Winner Of The Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory Parade

Willie Gay
AMY KONTRAS/AFP via Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay Jr. is one of six defensive starters who’ll enter unrestricted free agency this offseason for the back-to-back Super Bowl champions, so with his NFL future up in the air, he wasn’t about to take a second of Wednesday’s championship parade for granted.

Gay was in a most chipper mood as the Chiefs proceeded through downtown Kansas City to a massive crowd of fans celebrating their third such occasion in the past five years. How that must feel for those fine folks, right? And as for Gay, well, he felt like a shirt wasn’t entirely necessary for the festivities.

This still image of Gay laying on the street, bottle of Hennessy close at hand, biggest smile on his face…it’s just perfection.

Dude is jacked. Gay may have driven up his open-market asking price with this image alone.

…And as per usual, do you really think Art But Make It Sports was going to miss on this one? Never.

I’m never not blown away by how quick this account is to absolutely nail it in real time. The turnaround is unbelievable. I want to think they have some sort of image-scanning database, but maybe not! Perhaps the account holder is just that much of a student of art history. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. Either way, I’m so glad this exists.

My favorite thing to come out of this by far was Gay getting interviewed by a local news reporter, where he says, “We own Vegas, baby.” And follows that with a seductive purr:

He wasn’t trying to be creepy with the reporter — it was just a flat-out hilarious reaction that had me absolutely wheezing with laughter. Haven’t had a good chuckle like that in a minute. It was so out of nowhere.

Look at this wide shot that really shows how far Gay pulled ahead of the parade bus:

Well said, official NFL tweeter. Well said.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock