Driver Gets Busted Rear Windshield Trying To Yank Out A Tree Stump

stump goes through window

Nothing like some good old fashioned redneck tree removal.

You want to get rid of a tree, you cut it down. You want to get rid of that old stump, you dig it out or use some Epsom salt to kill it. Or, like any good redneck would do, get a rope and a truck and try and rip it out. Is it easy? Yep. Is it quick? Yep. Is it safe? Absolutely not.

As a lazy high school kid, I’ve yanked out my fair share of stumps this way and I’ll tell you what, when you’re on a 4-wheeler, there’s nothing stopping that stump from taking your head clean off. It almost happened to my brother but luckily, he was able to duck the stump in time.

For this guy, it seems like his rear window was the only real casualty here.

Well, and the stump… OOF.

“Air Castle Treehouse” Might Be The Coolest Airbnb In Texas

If you’ve been in search of a sweet Airbnb in the Dallas, Texas area, look no further.

Ever since Airbnb began their rise in popularity, we’ve seen people turn some wild spots into some cool places to stay. And folks in Texas have been leading the charge when it comes to badass treehouses.

We all remember the one near Gruene Hall that Koe Wetzel stayed at (and got arrested while staying at), but in Ladonia, Texas, which is just outside of Dallas, there is another one that is turning heads.

And for this treehouse, dubbed the “Air Castle Treehouse,” it’s made completely out of old shipping containers, and it’s SIX STORIES.

Here’s a little description of what you can expect:

“Most unique treehouse destination you will find. For ages 12+. 2 bedroom / 1 bath treehouse uses 4 shipping containers. The interior has a modern farmhouse style. After waking up with an incredible view, move outside to 1 of 5 balconies, including the 3rd floor screened porch with hot tub or to the 6th floor crows-nest 50’ in the air.

You will be immersed and be one with nature and the environment. Local animals that you may see include: deer, wild hogs, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, rabbits, bobcats, squirrels, owls, red-tailed hawk and many other varieties of birds. There are a number of trails to take by foot or bike.

The treehouse has all the amenities of home and many that only exist in your dreams. You can be comfortable in all seasons with a 20’ wall of windows where you can watch birds and squirrels feed 20’ off the ground from the comfort of power recliners.

Each of the 5 balconies provide unique perspectives of nature and shade. Relax with a morning coffee on balcony adjacent to kitchen or take steps to the shaded crows nest to swing in a hammock 40’ off the ground fully surrounded by extra tall railings. In the evening, start a fire in the covered fire pit and let nature and the crackle of the fire relax you.”

I feel like this is what homes were supposed to look like by 2015, according to Back to the Future II.

Just see for yourself:

Check it out:

AirBnb AirBnb AirBnb AirBnb AirBnb AirBnb

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Hunters Push Boulder Down Hill, Snap Tree In Half

You see a few massive boulders traveling directly towards you at several miles an hour, what are you gonna do?

Whenever we vacation in the mountains, it’s not a rare sight to see a few road closures due to rock slides, but I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed one myself. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that these kind of events are highly dangerous, and can potentially be fatal of the rocks were to hit a person, crash through a house, or knock a car off the side of the road.

And now after seeing this video, it truly puts things into perspective of how dangerous these natural events can be.

Although this one? Not so natural.

In this video footage, the group of hunters actually pushed the large boulder down the hill, which brought a number of loose rocks along with it. Idiot behavior, no doubt, but the end result is even more than they could’ve imagined.

However, the one rock that really catches your eye is a MASSIVE boulder flying at an insane rate of speed, making a beeline directly for a tree.

You can hear the person filming say:

“Hit the tree..”

And sure enough, the boulder centers the tree perfectly, splits in half, and it basically disintegrates into a million pieces as the rock travels right through it. Yeah, incase you were wondering what kind of damage a boulder can do in a rock slide, look no further than this video.

Once again, you can’t condone the stunt, but nevertheless, it’s pretty wild to see the kind of force that a runaway rock can generate when it’s moving down a hill. If you ever find yourself in a rock slide, getting behind a tree might actually be a pretty bad idea.

I guess this is what happens when you’re getting skunked out on the hunt.

Check it out:

Bear Hilariously Scratches An Itch Up In A Tree

The bears are back at it again.

They always seem to be up to something. Typically, there actions are centered around getting food, but anything else they do is highly intelligent and sometimes wildly hilarious. They are a simple, yet incredibly intelligent creature. They need to get as much food as they can using as little energy as possible. This makes them very smart and creative. They can break into garages, garbage cans, and cars. They can also get stuck in them too…

Black bears are very able creatures. They can jump far, climb well and it’s almost surprising they don’t have a useable thumb the way they are open to open things up easily. Watching them do anything is downright impressive.

This black bear proved that yet again.

He climbed up into a tree with people nearby. Probably originally a safety thing to get away form people and feel safe. But, while up in the tree the bear developed an itch. No problem. As the bear stood in the crook up the tree it pushes its butt against one side and balances on the other shaking it back and forth. A good old bum scratch high up in a tree.

You can’t help but laugh.

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