“Thanks Taylor Swift” – Shaq Shoots His Shot With Ice Spice (About As Well As He Shoots Free Throws)

Shaq and Ice Spice and Taylor Swift

Are we witnessing the formation of the newest celebrity couple?

This Super Bowl, in particular, was star-studded… almost to a fault. From the luxury streets to the nightlife of Las Vegas, it felt like everyone and their mother were in attendance this year (except maybe, real football fans?) While all eyes were on the NFL’s prized couple, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, it seems as though a new one could be budding.

Or at least Shaq hopes so…

After the Super Bowl, Shaq shared pictures of himself with others on Instagram, most recently dedicating a whole post to Ice Spice:

“And Ice Spice is so damn fine, thanks Taylor Swift.”

The post quickly became mega viral with over 800,000 likes and nearly 10,000 comments. Followers of the NBA Star turned DJ came guns blazing in the comment section. And boy, I hope Shaq is someone who doesn’t read comments because some of these are brutal.

Self-admittedly, I have been giggling while pulling some of my favorites to feature here.

“The last thing I’d expect on my page is Shaq saying Ice Spice is fine.”

“Shaq shot his shot… but it was a free throw.”

“Shaq, bruh, you got kids older than her.”

“Shaq you not even the fart.”

“She’s not gonna let you hit Shaq.”

“Shaq on demon time.”

“Unc what is you doing.”

“Let him cook, it’s coming boys.”

“Bro ain’t have no hesitation in that caption.”

“Shaq she’s 24.”

“Shaq has no rizz.”

“We ain’t hearin’ you out on this one, Shaq.”

“So are you the sh*t or the fart?”

“Shaq, I love you, but I can’t support this.”

And too, if you watched the Super Bowl and saw the comments about the upside-down cross necklace the young rapper is wearing along with her making “devil horn” gestures… folks have jokes about that as well.

“This picture shows a lot about the entertainment industry.”

“Stay safe, Shaq.”

“Don’t let the spirits rub off on you.”

“He was probably threatened with signing a blood contract if he didn’t say that.”

While Shaq’s shooting his shot is hilarious on one hand, I cackle at the fact that he thanked Taylor Swift. Who knows, maybe a Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, and DJ Diesel collaboration is in the future.

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