Patrick Mahomes Once Drank A Comedy Club Out Of Coors Light: “13 The First Show… Maybe 10 The Second”

Patrick Mahomes
Coors Light

What’s the over/under on how many Coors Lights Pat Mahomes drank last night?

In case you’re not aware, the current Super Bowl MVP is a dad bod rocking 28 year old with a hankering for light beer brewed in Golden, Colorado. Just take a look at his 25th birthday cake:

After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year Mahomes said he was about to “Hammer 100 Coors Lights”, which lead to a “Coors Light Bear” sponsorship which skirted the NFL rules on players endorsing alcohol, which is really dumb. The league can be sponsored by Bud Light by the players can’t be? Doesn’t make much sense…

Regardless, the love affair between the now 3 time Super Bowl champion and ice cold Coors Lights has lead to a number of great stories, like shotgunning one with Luke Combs on stage and appearing to give the Lombardi Trophy to a stranger during last year’s parade, but my favorite one took place at a comedy show that he went to a few years back.

Comedian Andrew Santino was performing in Dallas, Texas and Mahomes showed up with a few friends and proceeded to put a hurting on the bar’s Coors Light stash…

Santino told the story on the Pardon My Take podcast:

“He came for the first show, and he was like ‘Man so fun,’ and he goes, ‘Alright, well then where do you want us now?’ And I was like, ‘Oh I’ll see you. I’m going to do the second show. You guys go have fun and I’ll see ya whenever.’ And he’s like, ‘No, I think we’re gonna stay for the second show.’

I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I thought for sure he would dip but he’s like, no, we want to stay. And the server comes up to me she’s like, ‘That’s your party right?’ And I was like ‘Yeah, whatever I’ll take care of the bill like whatever it is,’ she’s like ‘No no, no we’re comping everything anyway, I just want to let you know like we have someone that’s going to have to get more Coors Light, because Mr. Mahomes has finished all the Coors Light…

I’m not kidding when I say this, maybe 13 the first show, and maybe 10 the second show…. And then we went out.”

What an absolute DAWG. Drinking a bar out of beer and then going out? Truly impressive performance. Guess he’s just built different.

Of course, Pat’s known to have a little Coors Light on the golf course too… that “swing juice, baby.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock