Patrick Mahomes Hilariously Skirts NFL Guidelines With New Commercial For Coors Light BEAR

Patrick Mahomes Coors Light
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We all know Patrick Mahomes as the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, who may be one of the most fun QBs to watch in the NFL.

However, what many people may not know is that Mahomes is a BIG Coors Light guy.

Seriously, the guy can drink the beer like it’s water.

Comedian Andrew Santino hilariously recalled a story while on the Pardon My Take podcast, when Mahomes was in attendance at one of his shows and wildly drank the venue out of Coors Light:

He also promised to chug a Coors Light from Cooper Manning’s boot if the Chiefs won the Super Bowl this year. (Unfortunately, I don’t think this promise ever came to fruition):

And on top of that, he was seen saying that he was gonna drink “100 Coors Lights” after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl:

He even celebrated his 25th birthday with a personalized Coors Light cake:

So, I think that’s all the proof you need to know that Coors Light is Mahomes’ beer of choice.

Well unfortunately for Mahomes, NFL players are prohibited from promoting beer.

So instead, he’s found a unique way to partner with his favorite beer brand in a new ad – not for beer, but for Coors Light Bear.

In this ad, Mahomes introduced Coors’ new “Coors Light Bear,” a bear that hilariously follows Mahomes around from his house to the golf course.

It’s all set up to unveil the beer brand’s new campaign, where you can win your very own “Coors Light Bear” (I hate to be a spoiler, but it’s just a golf driver headcover, not an actual bear) if you sign up on the link provided in the social media post.

And it’s all for a great cause too, as the proceeds will go to Mahomes’ charity, 15 and the Mahomies, which is dedicated to improving the lives of children.

Speaking on his love for Coors Light (the bear, of course), Mahomes said:

“When I’m on the golf course, I always need my Coors Light Bear. It’s great to work with one of my favorite brands, especially during the off-season when I can really find a moment to chill.”

Mahomes also teamed up with Coors Light last year to promote the Coors Light – which is definitely a flashlight and not a beer.

Gotta love it.

Check out the newest ad:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock