Patrick Mahomes Was So Drunk At The Chiefs Super Bowl Parade That He Gave The Lombardi Trophy To A Random Fan

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Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes had himself a helluva time at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade… and deservedly so.

He’s this years Super Bowl 57 MVP, as the Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl in the past four seasons after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 on Sunday night.

And the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is an open and avid lover of Coors Light, and he clearly had more than a few during the celebrations in Kansas City yesterday:

He even got an ovation coming out of the port-a-potty:

But quite possibly the funniest part of the day was when he walked over to fans on the streets celebrating to greet them and take a selfie with the Lombardi trophy, and clearly he was feeling good, but maybe a little too good…

Because instead of just holding the trophy for the photo and returning to the bus, Patrick actually just handed it off to the fan and walked off like he just gave them a piece of gum.

Take a look, it’s pretty damn funny:

Now clearly, there’s security everywhere, and I don’t think anyone was going anywhere with it, but I’m pretty sure they also did not want the players just passing that around like it’s show and tell, either.

But hey, when you’re QB1 and the MVP of the biggest game in sports, I guess you can take a few liberties when you feel like it at your Super Bowl parade…

After Sunday’s game, you could actually hear Mahomes say:

“I’m about to hammer, like, 100 Coors Lights.”

He’s a mad of his word, there’s no doubt about that:

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A beer bottle on a dock