Florida Angler Catches Alien-Like Scabbardfish In The Florida Keys

Nick Stanczyk

For those people that don’t think aliens are living among us, I agree with you. It’s ridiculous to think aliens are walking on Earth with us… because they are so obviously living in the ocean.

I’m sure you’ve heard that we know more about space than we do our planet’s oceans. It’s usually said with confidence that we know more about the surface of the moon and Mars than we do the deepest parts of our ocean.

And that makes a lot of sense when fishermen pull creatures that look like this out of the ocean. BroBible first reported on the catching of these Scabbardfish in the Florida Keys, and though we know what type of fish they are, people online can’t help but think they look like mini dragons or alien lifeforms.

Take a look for yourself at the video that Captain Nick Stanczyk posted, which shows one of the Channel Scabbardfish after it was reeled in:

Pretty wild right?

Their caption stated that they were jigging at about a 700 foot depth in the water, which makes sense. Channel Scabbardfish are a deep-water species, and usually live at depths of 800 to 1000 feet. The fish’s strange shaped body, paired with its shiny scales and piranha-like teeth definitely support the fact that it could be an alien.

Just look at some of the pictures that Captain Nick Stanczyk posted of his catch and try not to imagine that being in a sci-fi movie about extraterrestrials invading planet Earth.

According to the fisherman’s caption, who usually specializes in reeling in swordfish, this was the first time that he had caught the peculiar Scabbardfish. Doesn’t it kind of look like the blade of a sword though? I think we should start calling this a swordfish and find a new name of the popular billfish we all know as the swordfish.

You can view the YouTube video that follows the exciting catch from start to finish in the video below:

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