Travis Kelce Once Flew A Playboy Bunny To Kansas City To Be His Date – And It Went Terribly

Travis Kelce
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Things sure have changed for Travis Kelce.

These days the star Kansas City Chiefs tight end is flying the biggest global superstar in the world to his games now that he’s struck up a relationship with his now-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

All eyes were on Taylor’s plane as she flew from a show in Tokyo, Japan to Las Vegas to watch her boyfriend take on the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. But years ago, when he first got his start in the league, Kelce was flying a different kind of girl out to Kansas City with him…

Years ago, Kelce stopped by to chat with our friends over at BroBible, and told a story about the time he flew a Playboy Bunny to Kansas City for a date…and it didn’t go well.

According to Kelce, when he was growing up it was a dream of his to date – or just talk to – a Playmate. Classic guys being dudes…

“Just growing up, I mean, the Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner, that’s like the idolized player. The manly man, the charming.

So to be able to talk to one of the Bunnies, I was like, you know what? That’d be awesome.”

Well Kelce finally got the opportunity to hang out with one of the Playboy Bunnies, and ended up flying her out to an event he was throwing in Kansas City – which, as it turns out, is pretty different than the Playboy Mansion.

“I just feel like they’re treated so well at the mansion…and pampered and all, anything you need, this and that, that when she got to Kansas City…

Kansas City’s not the Mansion, right? It’s Kansas City. So for her to expect that I was just going to fall on my knees and do anything for her, it pissed her off. It kind of made her upset.

I don’t know, I guess she was used to being the center of attention, because at the event she started complaining to me on how I wasn’t showing her enough attention. And it’s literally, it’s my event. I have to work the room, I have to talk to certain people.”

I mean, if he thought a Playboy Bunny was used to being the center of attention, he’s now dating the biggest star in the world.

Although it sounds like Taylor’s a lot more humble, with Kelce’s dad even complimenting the pop star for helping to clean up the suite after a game.

So I’d say Travis is probably happy that his days of flying Playboy models to Kansas City are behind him.

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