NFL On CBS Crew Recreates Iconic ‘Hangover’ Scene Ahead Of Las Vegas Super Bowl

CBS NFL crew

I can’t believe it took this long for a Hangover-themed Super Bowl promo.

With the “Big Game” being in Las Vegas, you would have thought that parodies of the 2009 comedy classic The Hangover (feel old yet?) would be a dime a dozen. However, it appears that the NFL on CBS is the first one to take a swing at it, and they did a respectable job.

Nate Burleson, Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Bill Cowher, James Brown (JB), and even J.J. Watt came together to shoot a sh0t-for-shot recreation of one of the Hangover‘s classic scenes, when the guys all woke up from their wild bender and found out they had lost someone from their crew.

The CBS video hit all of the big elements, with Nate Burleson missing a tooth, Boomer Esiason waking up to find he has a face tattoo, a wild animal being locked in the bathroom of their Las Vegas suite (which was played by Kansas City Chiefs mascot KC Wolf), and James Brown playing the “Doug” role, with his whereabout unknown.

And in one of the best moments of the skit, Phil Simms seeks wise counsel about their Vegas situation, and ended up calling Ed Helms, who played Stu in The Hangover trilogy. It was during that call that Helms tried to help out with the crew’s chaotic situation, with the Hangover star eventually saying:

“Some guys just can’t handle Vegas.”

All in all, the promo for NFL on CBS was very well done, and it seemed to go over well with a lot of football fans who viewed it on social media:

Dang Michael Hayworth…show some respect to the NFL greats.

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