A Big Kangaroo Got Loose In A Florida Apartment Complex Before Being Rescued & Returned To Owner

Hillsborough County

Not every day you see kangaroos hopping around in Tampa, Florida, or at least that’s how I’ve come to know the world. You’d think kangaroos would only be found in Australia outside of zoos and what not, but that was not the case when Florida police answered a 911 call from somebody who saw one of these beautiful creatures roaming about their apartment complex.

My favorite line from the call is the official jargon from, I presume, the police officer. She simply says, “Bravo 26? I actually see a kangaroo.” What a glorious articulation of the English language if I’ve ever heard one.


As was reported by the Associated Press, it all ended well, as Hillsborough County law enforcement was able to figure out who the kangaroo owner was and return the animal to its proper home — wherever that may be.

Considering that the kangaroo got cornered and corralled in the pool area, I’m just glad the poor lost soul didn’t go for a swim. Can’t imagine the chemicals and chlorine would be good for that majestic fur. It wouldn’t have taken much for one false hop and dunking into the pool. Good thing it all got sorted in time before anything like that happened.

The owner must be extremely grateful. Had to be crestfallen over losing track of where his or her kangaroo was.

I’m a bit jealous of the person who called this in. That would be such a fun time. “Yeah, uhh…there’s a kangaroo hopping around my apartment complex.” She had way more composure than I would have, not to mention I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. You also have to credit the operator for taking the call seriously. That’d be so easy to write off as a prank. If I were on the receiving end of that outlandish claim, it’d be tempting to just hang up and write it off as some lame, bored person trying to self-entertain.

This type of teamwork to get this innocent kangaroo home is the kind of stuff that can restore one’s faith in humanity. Let it be a lesson to us all. Take a moment to pause before you attack Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in advance of Super Bowl Sunday. Celebrate the good hearts in all of us who want to band together and rally around happiness.

With that, I’ll play you out with this marsupial serving looks for the camera.

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