Asking Travis Kelce To Finish Taylor Swift Lyrics During A Super Bowl Press Conference Should Be A Crime

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce couldn’t fill the “Blank Space” in the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Karma,” and something tells me that could lead to some “Bad Blood.” Sorry, I had to… I won’t make any more Taylor Swift song puns for the rest of the story, so stick with me here. The opportunity presented itself and I really had no choice but to capitalize on it.

But in all seriousness, I’ve got a feeling this whole thing will drop Kelce down a couple of pegs with the “Swifties.” They are a very loyal and protective group, and they certainly won’t like that Swift’s football playing boyfriend couldn’t recite the lyrics to one of her most popular songs.

Ahead of the Super Bowl, which will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers, Kelce was speaking to the media, and a non-football question came up. Shocker…

It didn’t take a psychic to guess what Travis was going to be asked about if football wasn’t going to be the topic. Kelce has been fielding Taylor Swift questions just as much as he’s been catching deep balls up the middle of the field this season.

The media member said she had two questions, and started with this one:

“I was wondering if you could help me complete this lyric here. ‘Karma is the guy on the…'”

Kelce immediately and confidently threw out his answer, which was either a) him jokingly referencing the moment when Swift changed the lyrics for him at a show he attended or b) what he actually thought were the lyrics to the song.

He responded by saying:

“Chiefs, of course.”

The reporter then decided to double down, imploring him to keep going:

“Finish it! ‘Coming straight…'”

Kelce then smiled and told her to go on to the next question. Cringe. You don’t get a second question if that’s how lead…

I honestly give Travis a lot of credit for handling this clown show with such grace and patience. The man is about to play one of the biggest games of his life and you’re telling him to finish the lyrics to his girlfriend’s pop song like this is some man-on-the-street contest for $25 bucks? It should be illegal, it should require jail time to ask such a stupid question. Do your job…

And for those keeping track at home, he didn’t provide any of the actual lyrics, and then seemed to not know the words to finish out the chorus. Could that cause some issues in the otherwise dream-like relationship? Probably not, and hopefully not. If Swift got her feelings hurt by Kelce not knowing her lyrics, and then broke up with him because of it, that would mean there wasn’t a lot to that relationship to begin with.

Watch the cringeworthy moment below:

Her second question was better, but I still maintain that you shouldn’t get a second one if you open with that…

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