“You Okay, Brother?” – Man Helps Drowning Bald Eagle Out Of The Water

Bald eagle soaking wet
Viral Hog

What a wild encounter.

Anytime I see people helping out wildlife is a good time. Things happen, these creatures live in the harshest of conditions and get themselves into bad situations from time to time.

It happens to everyone, even animals, so it’s always cool to have an encounter where you can help out. Especially if it’s something as cool as a bald eagle.

Bald eagles are one of the largest birds of prey in North America with a wingspan that can span up to 7.5 feet. These massive birds are known for being excellent hunters using their massive wings to use speed and elevation to their advantage.

Fishermen may be a better term for them as their diet mainly consists of fish. They dive down into the water hammering fish, driving their talons into the unexpected fishes back before they fly of in a flash.

Often they fly off with ease, but from time to time they get ahold of a large fish and get caught up in the water. Sometimes this results in them using their wings as paddles as they swim their catch to the closest shore.

But, they can get into a pickle where they are too far out, get caught in choppy water or get too wet and weathered and don’t make it.

This man found a struggling bald eagle trapped in the water next to a dock in Canada.

He is seen cheering on the eagle as it attempts to get up on the dock. When the man realizes it may not be able to he springs into action and grabs the birds wing and helps haul it up on the dock.

The eagle hilariously stands looking so upset with how wet it is.

“You’re okay brother, I got you… That was wild.”

The eagle flies off after getting enough water out of its feathers.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock