The National Park Service Goes Taylor Swift For Latest Bison Warning: “All’s Fair When You Try To Pet The Bison”

Bison announcement
National Park Service

If you’ve been to our site a time or two, you know we at Riff Outdoors love a story about dumb tourists trying to pet bison or other species of wild animals across our nation’s national parks.

And if this is your first time here, welcome to your new favorite blog site.

Some people can’t help themselves when they are at a park and see a majestic moose, bison, bear, or elk wandering around minding their own business. While most would think the common sense answer is to observe from afar, as none of these animals are domesticated (hence why we refer to them as wild), that is just not the thought process for some folks.

Because of this, wildlife and park organizations often make reminder posts to stay away from the wild animals in the parks. Leading us to today’s prized post.

The National Park Service found inspiration from the pop music queen, Taylor Swift, modeling a PSA after her Tourtoured Poets Department album announcement post.

This Instagram post is the perfect union between music and wildlife…seriously give their marketing guy a raise.

“You can help keep yourself and other visitors safe and wildlife wild by setting a good example! Remember to treat wildlife with proper caution and respect. The best way to stay safe when watching wildlife is to give animals room to move.

If you’re close enough for a decent selfie, you’re definitely too close. Is that your thumb? No, it’s a bear. Use binoculars or a zoom lens and move back if wildlife approach you. In conclusion, let wildlife be wild and observe from a distance and avoid ending up in a cast or the subject of a hit single.”

The first image of the carousel-style posts resembles the half shot of Swift’s body as half a bison is pictured in black and white. The second slide also features The Nationals Park Service’s best jab at the poem Swift shared after the album cover. Even down to the layout, they knocked this one of the park.

“And so we encourage you to always be safe, By giving animals space and room to move. Otherwise, your souvenir will be bruised, Caught on video for all to see. The ouch, ouch, ouch, of flying through the air. Regrets of a vacation that stink.

All’s fair when you try to pet the bison. Sincerely, Your insurance provider and The National Parks Department.”

The PSA is not only informative but also will capture the eyes of Swifties and wildlife lovers alike. Remember these poetic words next time you try to pet that seemingly cute and cuddly animal.

The comments on the post commending the organization for its genius with this post are gold. Check them out.

“Whoever runs this account is the most productive member of the federal government.”

“Can’t wait for the new PSA release of ‘The Tortured Tourists Department.'”

“National Park Service (Taylor’s Version)”

“Taylor walked so the NPS could run.”

“2024 Album of the Year.”

“I dunno about you, but I’m feeling 22…yards away from a bison because they’re huge and can run faster than me.”

“This is a good example of why the NPS has a 3000% approval rating.”

“First year I ever went to a National Park? 1989.”

“I’m waiting for Taylor to enter her National Parks era.”

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