“Coyote Or Cougar?” -The Internet Brings The Jokes After NFL Super Bowl Player Allegedly Attacked By Coyote In Las Vegas

Coyote las vegas

The world is a wild place this week…and it’s only Tuesday

The Super Bowl is rapidly nearing, set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Allegiant Stadium. While the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransico 49ers are preparing to be thrown down on the field, the world throws us some unexpected NFL news.

While country music fans are mourning the loss of icon Toby Keith, football fans are about to be mourning the benching of a player as news breaks about a coyote attack.

Yes, you read that right. An NFL player (no name disclosed at this time) set to play in the Super Bowl has been attacked by a coyote in Las Vegas.

While the post nor a Reddit thread has the name of the player that was allegedly attacked, the internet has some funny jokes on whether the football player was attacked by a coyote or a cougar…if you’re picking up what we are putting down.

Las Vegas Locally shared a video of the animals that visitors should avoid if they encounter while visiting Sin City, but the four-legged creature is not the only thing visitors should be on the lookout for.

Twitter (now X) users made it very clear that the account was not warning other NFL players or tourists of the animals to avoid on The Strip.

Plenty of star athletes come to Vegas and get attacked by cougars/ But this is the first coyote attack I can recall.”

“Was there a flag on the play for unnecessary roughness?”

“Unsportsmanlike conduct on the coyote. The flag will be accessed on the kickoff.”

“Who paid that coyote? I want to know.”

“You mean a cougar, right.”

“Coyote heard that some team needed more dawgs.”

Coyote or cougar, this player will probably need prayers for a speedy recovery so they can hit the field on Sunday. To any Super Bowl attendees…I guess you can take this as your official warning to stay away from both.

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