Rhode Island Ice Fisherman’s Reaction To Landing State Record Rainbow Trout Is Absolutely Priceless

ice fishing trout

Absolute unit.

A Rhode Island angler is celebrating a new state record this year after pulling a whopping 15-lb rainbow trout through the ice of Peck Pond near Gloucester, Rhode Island.

At 15 pounds and 12 ounces, Zachary Taylor (not to be confused with Zac Taylor, the coach of the Cincinnati Bengals), bested the previous record by about 3 ounces. That being said, the rainbow trout world record is a massive 48 pounds out of Saskatchewan’s Lake Diefenbaker.

Taylor told the Valley Breeze that it was a total surprise, and rather tough to squeeze through the hole in the ice:

“I did not expect that or anticipate that, it was quite the surprise and extremely exciting… with some finagling, it squeezed through. I was literally shaking with excitement and adrenaline.”

He shared the reaction on Instagram, and I have to say, it’s priceless.

“Big mama! New RI state record 1 lbs 12 oz. As you can see it was a very exciting moment on 2 inches of ice.”

Gotta love it.

That’s the beauty of ice fishing… you never know what you’re gonna pull through that little hole in the ice.

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