“They Don’t Do Breakfast Balls At Pebble” – Tom Brady Responds To Viral Video Of Cold Topping His Tee Shot

Tom Brady golfing

We all know Tom Brady is the GOAT on the gridiron, and when it comes to the links, he’s not terrible at golfing his ball either.

Golf fans are fully aware of how impressive it was that Brady once holed out from the freaking fairway on a live telecast during one of TNT’s editions of The Match, and it’s just kind of like, “Really, dude? You’re this fleetingly good at golf in addition to being the best quarterback to ever do it?” Not that anyone’s out here comparing themselves to Tom Brady, or at least they shouldn’t be. That sounds like a nightmare.

Anyway, regardless, it’s kind of nice to see a seemingly immortal god-like figure in our modern society relate to us common folk in a most visceral way: Topping the sh*t out of a tee shot on a golf course, which is what TB12 did in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Never one to shy away from faults, the opportunity to acknowledge where he can improve, or a straight-up banger of a humorous response on social media, Brady didn’t skip a beat in addressing the embarrassing gaffe.

To clarify in case the need exists, a “breakfast ball” in golf means taking a mulligan on the first tee. Alas, it looks like Brady wasn’t afforded that luxury. Give the man a break, right?

Brady even invoked a throwback reference to Entourage, the HBO show he made a cameo in back in the day.

The more I think about it, the more I realize Entourage is a fitting sort of time capsule to track how legendary Tom Brady is.

When he made his appearance in “Fore!”, the fifth episode of Season 6, the air date was August 9, 2009.

Brady was about to come back from a torn ACL that knocked him out of all but part of one game the prior year. In seven full seasons as a starter to that point, Brady had an 86-24 regular-season record as a starter, won three Super Bowls, threw for more yards than Andrew Luck wound up with in his career, and came within one win away from a literally perfect season and a fourth Lombardi Trophy.

That resume is already worthy of the Hall of Fame. Entourage dropped its series finale in September 2011. A feature film followed in June 2015 — almost six years removed from Brady’s episode titled “Fore!” Going from the date of the Enourage movie release, Brady played eight more seasons in the NFL, and added three more Super Bowl victories to his resume.

Entourage feels like a million years ago. Brady was considered to be in his prime during his Entourage debut, despite coming off the blown-out knee. The man still had 14 full NFL seasons left in him after that. What the hell? LOL.

Tom Brady is a football unicorn, and probably far better than your average weekend warrior on the golf course. Cold tops happen to the best of us. When I went to Topgolf to hit balls for the first time all year back in May, I legitimately cold topped four shots in a row before finding the groove. I don’t think I’d fare much better with camera phones all around me on a track as iconic as Pebble Beach.

Just a hunch: Brady isn’t sweating this too much. He’s gearing up for a broadcast career at FOX, and he’s confirmed that he’ll be calling next year’s Super Bowl from the booth. It’ll be fascinating to see how he fares.

Given his absurd competitiveness, crazy attention to detail and drive to be great at whatever he does, Brady should have a chance to eclipse Tony Romo, which isn’t as bold of a statement as it would’ve been a couple years ago.

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