Tom Brady Confirms He Will Call The Super Bowl For FOX Next Year

Tom Brady
The Pat McAfee Show

Tom Brady is heading to yet another Super Bowl.

This time will admittedly look a little different though, since he won’t be running through the tunnel with a helmet and pads on. He’ll be trading in his football gear next season for a spot in the FOX broadcast booth, where he’ll get paid a gargantuan amount of money to do something for the very first time.

A 10-year, $375 million deal might seem a little over the top considering Tom doesn’t have any prior experience. I guess FOX is banking on his football knowledge, person-ability, and relentless work ethic to carry the GOAT through his broadcasting career.

And on top of that, Tom’s first year as an analyst will line up perfectly with FOX’s year to broadcast the Super Bowl, meaning that Brady will have the honors of calling the “Big Game” in his very first year in the gig. He’ll at least have a lot of knowledge to share about the Super Bowl, since he appeared in 10 of them (and won a staggering 7 Super Bowl rings).

Brady was on The Pat McAfee Show earlier today and was talking about what drives him in his career, and how and why he was able to play in the NFL for so long:

“So much of what I want to do in my life is impact people in a positive way, and I’ve been blessed to be around the most amazing people. My best friend and body coach Alex, who taught me so much about how to take care of myself, really is the reason why I was able to play for 23 years. I say that in all humility and I just loved playing so much that I never wanted to give it up.”

Yeah, that last part is somewhat obvious. He played until he was 45-year-old, and prior to that, retired and then came back at the age of 44. Brady clearly wanted to keep the football playing days rolling.

But he eventually did decide to walk away, and the contract waiting for him at FOX was probably a nice incentive for him to officially hang it up (this time for good). And now, as he explained to Pat McAfee, he’ll get to call the Super Bowl in his very first year of broadcasting:

“Unfortunately I’ve got to watch now, and I think in these moments when they’ve got championship games and Super Bowls… next year I’m going to be calling the Super Bowl for FOX, which is going to be incredible.

It’s been a different experience this year watching but I’ve certainly enjoyed not getting hit by Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh anymore and enjoying other parts of my life, which have been really fun.”

Tom Brady going to another Super Bowl just seems right, does it not? I’m sure some other broadcasters out there will feel like Brady “skipped the line” somewhat, but at the end of the day, Brady does have a lot of football experience (and winning) under his belt. We’ll just have to wait and see how that translates to talking in the booth.

You can hear more about it in the clip from The Pat McAfee Show below:

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