Zach Bryan Drops Teaser Of “Nine Ball” Music Video Featuring Matthew McConaughey

Zach Bryan Matthew McConaughey
Zach Bryan

This is about to be cinematic excellence.

Zach Bryan is giving us a teaser of what’s in store for his recently announced “Nine Ball” music video featuring Matthew McConaughey.

ZB took to social media this morning, gifting us on this glorious Friday with a sneak peek of what the video will look like. Shot at a bar that he would consider a part of the “Great American Bar Scene,” McConaughey’s character portrays a slightly sleazy father who is taking his son to the bar so he can get the fix on his pool addiction.

The pool shark gambles with everyone in the bar and, I am sure, hustles those who try to take him on. The father progressively gets drunker and drunker as he takes on more opponents, eventually leading him to get into some trouble.

The snippet ends with McConaughey standing outside the bar with a bloody nose, implying that he found himself in a bar fight at the end of his table run.

From the teaser, it seems as though the imagery for the video matches perfectly with the lyrics of:

“My father is a betting man
But I got myself a steady hand
He’s sitting in the corner with a six pack of Corona
Betting that his son’ll win again…”

ZB kept the theme of using the track’s lyrics for the captions of the teased collaboration on this post as well, and damn, he is doing an excellent job at curating hype around the release of a music video.

“I know that this table’s got a lean.”

As we patiently await the release date announcement or surprise drop of the video, turn up the track all the way up.


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